Local  · 2019/07/01
I visited Tono, the so-called "Heartland of Japan." This small town in northern Japan is abundant in colorful culture, trandition, customs, and folklore.

Local  · 2019/05/19
I helped the operation of the event, which is the only timed bicycle race in the Sanriku Coast region, which was hit by the tsunami in 2011. I hope the race might welcome the first-ever overseas rider next year.

Sports · 2019/05/08
I volunteered to help issue IDs for IAAF officials at Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel.

Local  · 2019/05/03
I did the first jogging in the new era 'Reiwa', has just begun from 1st of May. I ran to visit Taro Okamoto Museum, which is located in beautiful Ikuta Green Park. It is just 6km away from my house. It is one of local charms I want to bring you.