Our team members have long been engaged in a variety of professional jobs related to tourism and Japanese culture, and hope to deliver real and local Japanese experiences to guests from around the globe. 

Hiroaki Isogawa 



Field of expertise : Sports/Outdoor/Culture
Guide locations : Tokyo/Kawasaki/Minakami(Gunma)/ 
            Karuizawa/Iwate&Sanriku Coast(Tohoku)

Qualifications :

- National Licensed Interpreter-Guide (EN02432)

- General Certified Travel Supervisor

- Registered Land Operator (Kanagawa No.32)

- Qualified Escort-Guide for the Visually Disabled

Interests :

- Travel - visited all 50 US states, all 47 JPN prefs

- Triathlon - 2015 NZ Ironman Finisher

- Any kind of football (especially Rugby)

Email : isogawa@home.email.ne.jp

Chizuyo Sato



Field of expertise : Flower Art  (Representative of  Kanda flower design school)

Qualifications :

- Qualified flower arrangement instructor 

   Teaches flower arrangement courses for all        generations in culture centers, local communities,

    high schools, and corporations.

   Arranges flower displays for bridal events, parties, 


Interests :

- Tennis, piano, sports watching

Email : chi-zy.sato@nifty.ne.jp



Taizo Inaba

President of TAIKO CO., LTD.


Home : Tokyo

Field of expertise : Dashi, or Japanese traditional broth made from bonito, kelp, or shiitake mushrooms

Experiences :

- Has run his own dried bonito wholesaler  for years.

- Experienced dashi instructor for cooking classes  

- Experienced speaker for dashi workshops


WEB : http://www.taikoban.info/renew/



Satoshi Honma

WEB Engineer

Tono, Iwate


Sawa Savage

WEB English Adviser