Hi I am Sucre. 

I will show you how to make Wagashi.

It's easy to make, beautiful to see, and should be delicious if you follow me!

After making your own 6 pieces or so, you can eat one with Japanese tea and take the rest with you.

You can even take sweets that keep particularly well (for a few days for more) back to your home country.

I will also show you my house so that you can see how ordinary Japanese people like me live our daily lives


We offer one of the following sweets : 

* Ichigo Daifuku  (rice cake stuffed with a whole strawberry and sweet bean paste) 

* Matcha Daifuku (matcha powder coated rice cake stuffed with sweet bean paste)

* Higashi (pressed sugar sweet)

* Dorayaki (sweet red bean paste sandwiched between a pair of pancakes)


Venue : my house in Ookayama, Tokyo

      nearest station: Ōokayama Station

     Oimachi Line  OM08 or Meguro  Line  MG06、

      meet at Ōokayama Station

      6 minutes walk from the station.


Date/Time :  


2019 October

every Thursday and Sunday

10:00 & 14:00 each 2 hrs                   


Duration : 2 hrs excluding walking from/to Ōokayama Station


Fee : JPY 8,000 per person, incl. sweets materials, take-home packaging, tea,  and tax


Max class size :  2~5 people 

   * please ask if you are a group of more than five


Reservation : required via reservation

                        request form at least 7 days before






Mayumi Ban



I have been running my own cooking class 'Minonaruhana' for 20 years for locals.