Sanriku Coast, the northeast coastal area of Japan's main island, used to attract tourists for its beautiful rias coastline, good seafood, and abundant traditional cultural arts until it was devastated by the tsunami in 2011.  Eight years from the disaster, they are taking on the challenge of a new birth beyond rebirth. 

Visit and meet people, discover the charm of the area, and learn how they encountered the tragedy and how they strive to overcome it. 

Sports Events

 Otsuchi Shinyamakogen Hill Climb

        2020 May 30 (Sun) 

Otsuchi Town, Iwate Pref. 

Otsuchi Town

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Ride & Rail

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RWC2019 Kamaishi

Watch Fiji vs Uruguay match (Sep 25) at Kamaishi and stay two nights in Sanriku Coast. 

See how the region has been recovering from the tsunami disaster in 2011. 

We provide only two nights accommodations with game tickets only for one group of 2-3 persons. 

Please ask us for details.

Shinyama Night Walk

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Tono Coast Tour

--tracing cultural, historical, trade, and story-filled places/routes between Tono and the coastal area---

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