<completed>  Sake Tasting Seminar  & Sake Potluck Party

 December 14 (Sat), 2019 at Futako-shinchi, 20 min from Shibuya by train.

Enjoy & Support Sake from devatated areas hit by recent natural disasters including from Iwate, Fukushima, Saga.

Great opportunity to experience a variety of Sake and Otsumami (ordinary Japanese snacks to go with Sake) , and to mingle with Japanese local Sake lovers.

<completed>  Experience Sanriku & RWC 2019  <RWC2019 Fiji vs Uruguay@Kamaishi Studium> 

 Watch Fiji vs Uruguay match (Sep 25) at Kamaishi and stay two nights in Sanriku Coast.  See how the region has been recovering from the tsunami disaster in 2011. 

<completed>  June 20 (Thu)  &  21(Fri)

                              "Hydrangea Temple" Myorakuji Walking   dept. JR Shukugawa Station, Kawasaki 

                               'Discover Local Charm Together'   #4

<completed>  Tama River Cycling     2019 May 25 (Sat)     dept. Futakoshinchi, Kawasaki   

                               'Discover Local Charm Together'   #3

<completed>   "Azalea Temple" Togakuin Temple Walking    2019 April  25 (Thu)     dept. Futakoshinchi, Kawasaki

                         'Discover Local Charm Together'   #2   

<completed>    Cherry Blossom Bicycle Ride    2019 March 30 (SAT)      dept. Futakoshinchi, Kawasaki